Listen to Our Story, told by our founder, Edmund Wood

Something new

Belgrove Pure Demerara Hazelnut Rum is born out of both the familiar and the unexpected. A contradiction, you say? Well, not necessarily.

On the one hand, Belgrove is a drink that can be enjoyed with friends and family while at home, at a restaurant, or on a night out. It’s perfectly suited for the best of times. From cracking open the seal right through to taking that first sip, there’s something warming, comforting, and delightful about the way Belgrove makes you feel. Made with deep passion, a lot of thought, and ultimately a desire to bring people together, Belgrove is a drink that contains a lot of laughter.

On the other hand, Belgrove is a drink that catches you by surprise. Being the very first hazelnut rum, it’s guaranteed that even before the first sip, there’s hints of flavours that you will never have smelled or tasted before. And it’s not just the flavour profile that’s entirely new. Everything about the way Belgrove has been conceived, and made, from the all-natural ingredients, through to the desire to reinvent the category, to the journey our founder took to bring it to reality; Belgrove truly is unique.

So there you have it: the familiar and the unexpected. They say opposites attract. They were right.

Why ‘Belgrove’?

William Belgrove was a pioneer in rum-making. He wasn’t afraid to try something new in the pursuit of quality, and in doing so, became prolific for his time. We hope to do something similar, so a homage to the man himself seemed somehow fitting.