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Introducing Belgrove Rum

With three parts bravery and one part serendipity, Edmund Wood found himself on a trip across France after quitting his job. A chance encounter led him to try a vanilla rum, which tasted out of this world. His imagination piqued, and he headed home to try out some flavours of his own, ones that reminded him of home, his childhood and those that just worked well together.

All the best things happen by accident.

Our story

Perfect whichever way you pour it

Belgrove is a pure, single-origin Demerara rum from Guyana with all natural ingredients.

Hazelnut is the predominant flavour, accompanied by notes of vanilla and chocolate that create a blend that is perfect on the rocks, as a rum old-fashioned, in an espresso martini, or even just with coke.

Large 70cl bottle of Belgrove Rum

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